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The Shadow People

The term “Shadow Person” is one sure fire method to send a chill down anyone’s spine. The idea that there could exist shadowy creatures lurking in the dark waiting to wreak havoc on humans is downright disturbing. According to the people who like to edit Wikipedia, the Shadow People phenomena wasn’t even popularized until it was mentioned on the late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

Paranormal Investigation and the Scientific Method

How many times have you heard or seen on the internet some group claiming to be scientific?  Unfortunately television has taught many people to believe that a group is scientific just because they don’t use psychics, dowsing rods and the likes on their investigations.  I hate to be the one to break the news, but that does not make a group ‘scientific.’  I want to say upfront that our group does paranormal investigations as a hobby; we are not ‘professionals’ but we do conduct a scientific investigation.

The Haunting of Mary Mayo Hall

Mary Mayo Hall is located on Michigan State University’s northern end of campus known as “West Circle” alongside other historical buildings. It is the oldest residential hall on campus, built in 1931 as a standalone women’s dormitory in honor of its namesake, Mary Anne Mayo. Mayo was a leading member of the Michigan State Grange and an elected member of the Michigan Agricultural College (MAC) Committee (MAC would later become Michigan State University).

Haunted Traverse City State Hospital

When asylums were “all the rage,” in mental health, Traverse City was home to one of Michigan’s finest. It was first known as The Northern Michigan Asylum, built in 1885. The first superintendent was Dr. James Decker Munson. He had a theory that “beauty” could be a form of therapy. Munson felt that if mentally troubled people could come to a place and be surrounded by beauty and find peace and tranquility, that perhaps some of their troubles would cease to exist.

The Shoe Tree Legend of Michigan

The shoe tree story is pure legend at its finest because there’s nothing haunted about some old shoes in a tree. It’s a little creepy, but doesn’t automatically generate ghosts. But try telling that to someone who claims that their car wouldn’t start when they were near a shoe tree and other bizarre occurrences that are said to happen by these roadside oddities.

The Michigan Dogman and Encounters

The Michigan Dogman is one of the most popular cryptids in Michigan. Have you seen one?

Haunted Central Michigan University

Warriner Hall on the Central Michigan University campus is said to be haunted by an actress who died during a performance. The story says she was downstairs and tried to call upstairs to a friend using an out of commission dumbwaiter shaft. When she stuck her head inside the shaft, the dumbwaiter came crashing down and she was beheaded…or so that’s how the story has been told.

Ghost Stories of Detroit’s Belle Isle

Honk your horn three times to see the “Lady in White.” These types of “urban legend tests” exist all over the United States and are in no short abundance in Michigan.

The Legend of Morrow Road

The Legend of Morrow Road, one of Michigan’s oldest legends, spans back to the late 1800’s and is primarily about a ghost that haunts the road to this day, looking for her lost child.

The Red Dwarf of Detroit or the Nain Rouge

LEGENDS OF MICHIGAN The Red Dwarf of Detroit or the Nain Rouge   Harbinger of doom or ancient protector? Written by Michigan's Otherside he Nain Rouge, also known as the "Red Dwarf of Detroit," has been a harbinger of doom since the time of...

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