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What do those symbols on old tombstones mean?

Have you ever wondered what some of those strange symbols on old tombstones mean? This list represents some of the most common symbols found in many Michigan cemeteries.

Largest Christmas Store in the World? It’s in Michigan.

If you grew up in Michigan, chances are you made one, or many, family trips to Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland.

The Michigan Merman

On May 13, 1782, Vanant St. Germain, a Canadian fur trader, spotted what he believed to be an actual merman swimming in the cold, deep dark waters of Lake Superior. While making a stop at Pie Island in the northern part of the lake, St. Germain spotted the creature and described it as looking “child-like with brownish skin” and having “extremely brilliant eyes.”

Graveyard Superstitions

Cemeteries have some of the strangest superstitions attached to them.

How to Report a UFO Sighting in Michigan

What happens when you see something in the sky that’s unexplained? Tell the experts.

Mishipeshu, the Guardian of the Sacred Copper

The ancient stories say it lives on Michipicoten Island on the Canadian side of cold Lake Superior and has the magical ability to cause nasty storms. It’s usually associated with more bad things in life than good, such as death and destruction, but as long as an offering was made to the creature, this could perhaps keep it calm if one had to travel by water.

Soop Cemetery

Soop Cemetery is one of the most misunderstood haunted cemeteries in Michigan. It is often associated with victim Jane Mixer, 23, of serial murderer, John Collins, being left on a grave in 1968. However, this did not occur at Soop. Jane, a law student of the University of Michigan, was left shot and strangled in a cemetery in Denton Township; not a cemetery on Old Denton Road.

Puttygut Bridge Mystery Light

The blurb said if you visit the bridge late at night and sit with your car shut off and windows rolled down, you’ll hear the ghostly sounds of the truck splashing into the water and the man will appear in front of your car. The original blurb also suggests to put your keys on top of your car, which I wouldn’t suggest doing unless you are looking for a car jacking or robbery to happen.

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The Banker Who Became A Bank Robber

As William Treadwell sat behind his desk at People’s Bank in Hudson, a small community in southern Michigan’s Lenawee County, he mulled over the opportunity that presented itself. It was January 1864, and area governments were depositing huge amounts of money, the proceeds of year-end taxes their citizens had paid the previous month.

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