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The Rise and Fall of the Paranormal Orb

Orbs. You know, those things that appear in everyone’s “paranormal” photos? I can’t count how many times someone has heard that I study the paranormal and then with excitement, asked me to look at a picture of their “orb.”

The Lost Griffon – First Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes

The ghost of The Griffon has haunted the northern waters of Lake Michigan since its disappearance in 1679. It was one of the first ships of its kind to sail the Great Lakes but her first voyage on August 7, 1679 was doomed to be her last.

Solar Obliteration Technique to See UFOs

UFOs AND ALIEN LIFEThe Solar Obliteration Technique to See UFOs Written by  "John Bro" Wilkie (2006)ugust 1991. Mexico City. It was to be a hugely celebrated event. Astronomers had forecast a total eclipse of the midday sun. Across the city,...

The Detroit Urban Legend of Knock-Knock Road

Teens and thrill seekers have been driving down Strasburg Road for years hoping to have their car knocked on by the young child. In fact, the story itself has been around since the 1940’s. The legend says the little girl was killed on that road and she now haunts the road looking for the driver who killed her.

Haunted Howell and the History of the Old Hillcrest Sanatorium

Tuberculosis, also commonly called “consumption” and the “white plague” was a major and devastating illness at one time and still is in parts of the world. Millions of deaths were caused by tuberculosis during the 20th century in the United States. The disease was hard to control and deadly. Hospitals were specifically built to house those stricken with it such as the now paranormally famous, Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Michigan had its fair share of hospitals to deal with the sickness as well.

The Rainbow UFO

While these experiences have taken place for thousands of years, they have inexplicably begun to increase greatly over the past few, especially those sightings and experiences involving  sometimes a few and other times many witnesses.

Traverse City State Hospital “Twilight Tours”

The old Traverse City State Hospital are now offering “Twilight Tours.”

The Shadow People

The term “Shadow Person” is one sure fire method to send a chill down anyone’s spine. The idea that there could exist shadowy creatures lurking in the dark waiting to wreak havoc on humans is downright disturbing. According to the people who like to edit Wikipedia, the Shadow People phenomena wasn’t even popularized until it was mentioned on the late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

Alexis St. Martin: The Man With A Hole In His Stomach

Alexis St. Martin lived one of the weirdest lives on record. Not only was he unfortunate enough to have part of his stomach blown off during an accidental shooting on Mackinac Island in 1822, he also spent the next ten years as guinea pig to a doctor who, among other things, dangled bits of food into St. Martin’s unhealed wound to study the effects of digestion, a process that wasn’t well understood at the time.

The Ada Witch of Findlay Cemetery

The Ada Witch has been a popular legend in West Michigan for decades. For years, people have claimed to have witnessed a paranormal classic: “the lady in white.” She’s been seen wandering around the area of Findlay Cemetery and surrounding roads. But who is this mysterious “lady in white”?

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