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Mishipeshu, the Guardian of the Sacred Copper

The ancient stories say it lives on Michipicoten Island on the Canadian side of cold Lake Superior and has the magical ability to cause nasty storms. It’s usually associated with more bad things in life than good, such as death and destruction, but as long as an offering was made to the creature, this could perhaps keep it calm if one had to travel by water.

Grand Rapids Home For Veterans and the Ghost Soldiers

While waiting for her husband, a woman has a shocking sighting at the old Grand Rapids Veterans Hospital. It’s not surprising this place has a few ghosts, given the 2016 shocking conditions reported about the place.

The Ghosts of Old Fort Wayne

The history of Fort Wayne is monumental. Everything you can think of happening during war and peace took place there. Lives were lived, lost, found, broken and made there. Death occurred, atrocities happened, just as there were also heroes and happiness at the fort. Military personnel, along with civilians worked and fell in love there. Prisoners were even kept there and many stayed on after being released. Fort Wayne lived — and then Fort Wayne started to die.

“What the hell is that?”

We here at Michigan’s Otherside can honestly say we saw our first UFO as of November 28, 2008. Tom and I were standing outside on his deck when a light in the sky caught my attention through the trees. I watched it for a few seconds assuming it was an airplane, when it took a huge dive and did a few other strange things.

Don’t Steal From the Dead – A Pere Cheney Cemetery Story

On Devils Night in 1985, a large amount of us from school went to visit Pere Cheney Cemetery with the intent of getting scared. I had heard tons of stories about the “ghost train”, the witch and a few other legends and never felt scared one bit…until later on.

The Ghosts of Mouth Cemetery

Mouth Cemetery is one of the most talked about cemeteries in Muskegon County when it comes to the paranormal. But is it really haunted? This cemetery is one of those places you have to watch out for. Not because the place is filled with ghosts and lost souls waiting to take you to the grave with them, but because it’s an easy “legend maker.”

The Melon Heads Legend of Michigan

The traditional story tells of a hospital in the area that was treating hydrocephalic children long ago. The hospital was forced to close, and the children had nowhere to go, so they were released into the wilds of Holland (scary…)

Paranormal Investigation and the Scientific Method

How many times have you heard or seen on the internet some group claiming to be scientific?  Unfortunately television has taught many people to believe that a group is scientific just because they don’t use psychics, dowsing rods and the likes on their investigations.  I hate to be the one to break the news, but that does not make a group ‘scientific.’  I want to say upfront that our group does paranormal investigations as a hobby; we are not ‘professionals’ but we do conduct a scientific investigation.

The Shadow People

The term “Shadow Person” is one sure fire method to send a chill down anyone’s spine. The idea that there could exist shadowy creatures lurking in the dark waiting to wreak havoc on humans is downright disturbing. According to the people who like to edit Wikipedia, the Shadow People phenomena wasn’t even popularized until it was mentioned on the late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

Ghosts of the Kirby Grill

For years, rumors have been going around that the place is haunted, especially the second floor. One employee and friend I spoke with claimed he had seen a little kid running on the second floor after hours and heard his name spoken behind him, only to find no one there. Other employees have witnessed the same thing.

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