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The Banker Who Became A Bank Robber

As William Treadwell sat behind his desk at People’s Bank in Hudson, a small community in southern Michigan’s Lenawee County, he mulled over the opportunity that presented itself. It was January 1864, and area governments were depositing huge amounts of money, the proceeds of year-end taxes their citizens had paid the previous month.

Tragedy at Italian Hall – Michigan’s Worst Christmas Time Disaster

“Fire! Fire!” There was no sign of a blaze, no acrid smell of smoke, but in the confusion, crowd members panicked and rushed toward a stairwell that led to the front door. As the first guests hurried down the narrow passageway, dozens, then hundreds, of people clamored after them. The force of all those bodies sent the first guests to the floor.

Creepy Local Legends of Michigan

Colorful local legends are abundant in Michigan.

The Michigan Jersey Devil

“Some years ago in northern lower Michigan, I saw a strange creature fly over my car with wings that were bat like. You could see veins through them and everything.”

Disturbing Creature Witnessed in Mona Shores

“We were walking along the shore of Lake Michigan in the Mona Shores area (this was back in 1989, I believe). It was about 11pm, and we were both stone cold sober. Something caught our eye near the tree line and we both stopped in our tracks as this creature emerged from the underbrush.”

The Top Haunted Lighthouses in Michigan

Ghosts and lighthouses are synonymous with each other and Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state in the U.S. At one point in Michigan history, we had over 200 working lighthouses on our lakes. Humans might not have a hand in guiding the ships along the lakes nowadays, but the ghosts of past lighthouse keepers are still doing their jobs — even if they are dead. Enjoy learning about just a few of Michigan’s well known haunted lighthouses and the stories behind them. Because what’s a lighthouse without a ghost?

The Ada Witch of Findlay Cemetery

The Ada Witch has been a popular legend in West Michigan for decades. For years, people have claimed to have witnessed a paranormal classic: “the lady in white.” She’s been seen wandering around the area of Findlay Cemetery and surrounding roads. But who is this mysterious “lady in white”?

The Michigan Stonehenge on Beaver Island?

Vikings, Phoenicians, Egyptians or the lost tribe of Israel in Michigan? What?! According to author Mark Jager and his Mystic Michigan series, Michigan may have had visits from these four cultures at some point in history. Jager wrote about a stone circle similar in nature to Stonehenge found on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island that could have been built by any of these ancient groups, who some theorize visited North American in the past.

The Ghosts of Mouth Cemetery

Mouth Cemetery is one of the most talked about cemeteries in Muskegon County when it comes to the paranormal. But is it really haunted? This cemetery is one of those places you have to watch out for. Not because the place is filled with ghosts and lost souls waiting to take you to the grave with them, but because it’s an easy “legend maker.”

The Shadow People

The term “Shadow Person” is one sure fire method to send a chill down anyone’s spine. The idea that there could exist shadowy creatures lurking in the dark waiting to wreak havoc on humans is downright disturbing. According to the people who like to edit Wikipedia, the Shadow People phenomena wasn’t even popularized until it was mentioned on the late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell

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