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The Melon Heads Legend of Michigan

The traditional story tells of a hospital in the area that was treating hydrocephalic children long ago. The hospital was forced to close, and the children had nowhere to go, so they were released into the wilds of Holland (scary…)

The Michigan Stonehenge on Beaver Island?

Vikings, Phoenicians, Egyptians or the lost tribe of Israel in Michigan? What?! According to author Mark Jager and his Mystic Michigan series, Michigan may have had visits from these four cultures at some point in history. Jager wrote about a stone circle similar in nature to Stonehenge found on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island that could have been built by any of these ancient groups, who some theorize visited North American in the past.

Michigan’s Bearded Lady – Grace Gilbert

One of the era’s most popular bearded ladies hailed from Michigan and is, in fact, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in the northern Michigan community of Leetsville. That woman is Grace Gilbert.

Graveyard Superstitions

Cemeteries have some of the strangest superstitions attached to them.

Puttygut Bridge Mystery Light

The blurb said if you visit the bridge late at night and sit with your car shut off and windows rolled down, you’ll hear the ghostly sounds of the truck splashing into the water and the man will appear in front of your car. The original blurb also suggests to put your keys on top of your car, which I wouldn’t suggest doing unless you are looking for a car jacking or robbery to happen.

The 1994 Lake Michigan UFO Sightings

Starting March 7, 1994, a UFO flap took Lake Michigan’s coast by storm. Every county along Lake Michigan’s shoreline had reports about UFOs flying in. Residents, including police officers, witnessed red, blue, green and white lights, occasionally attached to cylindrical objects in the sky, perform odd maneuvers at high speeds.

Grand Rapids Home For Veterans and the Ghost Soldiers

While waiting for her husband, a woman has a shocking sighting at the old Grand Rapids Veterans Hospital. It’s not surprising this place has a few ghosts, given the 2016 shocking conditions reported about the place.

Oak Hill Cemetery and The Legend of Crying Mary

The legend of Crying Mary says that at the stroke of midnight on every Sunday, the statue cries. People have claimed to have seen and felt her tears. Some say she only cries at night and never during the day. The story has been circulating some say, since the 1940’s and continues on.

Monsters Outside – Encounters with Shadow People

MYSTERIOUS  Monsters Outside - Encounters with Shadow People Edited by Michigan's Otherside Robinson Township, MI “I had an encounter with two shadow people that lived in my bedroom growing up in Robinson Township, Michigan.  This encounter ended with a photo of both...

Mishipeshu, the Guardian of the Sacred Copper

The ancient stories say it lives on Michipicoten Island on the Canadian side of cold Lake Superior and has the magical ability to cause nasty storms. It’s usually associated with more bad things in life than good, such as death and destruction, but as long as an offering was made to the creature, this could perhaps keep it calm if one had to travel by water.

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