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The Detroit Urban Legend of Knock-Knock Road

Teens and thrill seekers have been driving down Strasburg Road for years hoping to have their car knocked on by the young child. In fact, the story itself has been around since the 1940’s. The legend says the little girl was killed on that road and she now haunts the road looking for the driver who killed her.

The Saginaw Bay Water Monster

The lakes of Michigan are never short on fantastic stories about water monsters.

Disturbing Creature Witnessed in Mona Shores

“We were walking along the shore of Lake Michigan in the Mona Shores area (this was back in 1989, I believe). It was about 11pm, and we were both stone cold sober. Something caught our eye near the tree line and we both stopped in our tracks as this creature emerged from the underbrush.”

The Ghosts of Mouth Cemetery

Mouth Cemetery is one of the most talked about cemeteries in Muskegon County when it comes to the paranormal. But is it really haunted? This cemetery is one of those places you have to watch out for. Not because the place is filled with ghosts and lost souls waiting to take you to the grave with them, but because it’s an easy “legend maker.”

Haunted Bowers Harbor Inn

Just about every owner of this beautiful old home has reported paranormal occurrences. The sound of raps on walls, doors opening and closing, lights going on and off by themselves and objects moving on their own are all common place in the Bowers Harbor Inn.

Hatchet Man Road

The legend states: A fellow in the 80’s built a fallout shelter beneath his home for his family. Paranoia growing greater, he took his family down there to live. At some point he lost it and killed his entire family with a hatchet and thus the road got its nickname: Hatchet Man Road.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Robison Family Murders

Drawn to the Robison home by a woman who lived near the family, and who called complaining about an ungodly smell, Bliss stepped up to the log-cabin-style residence. No one had seen the Robisons for several weeks, but family members had told acquaintances that they were planning a trip out of town, so their absences hadn’t alarmed anyone.

The Mystical Keweenaw Vortex – Is it Real?

Prospector’s Paradise is a rock and mineral shop in a town that badly needs tourism to keep afloat. This large emporium of Earth’s treasures houses all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones for the collector. It’s also home to the mysterious “Keweenaw Vortex”, a place some feel is bursting with natural Earth energy, possibly because of underground rivers in the vicinity.

The Witch Legend of Pere Cheney Cemetery

Pere Cheney, now just a lonely Michigan ghost town, was once a small but booming lumber town in Crawford County, west of Grayling.

Alexis St. Martin: The Man With A Hole In His Stomach

Alexis St. Martin lived one of the weirdest lives on record. Not only was he unfortunate enough to have part of his stomach blown off during an accidental shooting on Mackinac Island in 1822, he also spent the next ten years as guinea pig to a doctor who, among other things, dangled bits of food into St. Martin’s unhealed wound to study the effects of digestion, a process that wasn’t well understood at the time.

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