There are a lot of ideas out there about what the paranormal is and what it is not. Many ideas are fueled by religious belief and therefore most have to just agree to disagree when it comes to that aspect. This is a column for interesting ideas for people to chew on and ponder and form their own opinions and ideas. What is the paranormal? Is it real? Do ghosts exist? Or is everything just a made up delusion of the human mind to satisfy the questions we don’t have answers for such as, “where do we go when we die?” If you have something thoughtful to add, send us an email. We won't argue with anyone, but we just might add it to the site if it's cool:)

--Michigan's Otherside

Joseph Karel is a teen writer and avid pursuer of the paranormal. An active member of the Michigan’s Otherside forums, Joe is always posting something thoughtful or just plain hilarious. Joe pondered this interesting question about a person’s religious views affecting how they act if there’s an afterlife. It’s the old adage that how we were in life, is how we are in death. Interesting food for thought.


The RBAG Hypothesis

By Joseph Kenneth Karel 

       Ghosts seem to be omnipresent in modern society. Stories of the places they roam continue to expand in number each year. The number of haunted houses grows in the same way. When they were living, they were people. They had bodies to inhabit, and religions to believe in. The bodies decay when they die, but who is to say that their religion has not influenced how they act as ghosts?

       RBAG stands for Religious Belief Affecting Ghosts. I came up with this in a dream, where many other crazy ideas are formed. In this dream, I was faced with a demonic specter. While asking it questions, the “dream me” inquired about what the specter’s religion had been when it was alive. It told me, in a raspy voice, "A mean Catholic."

       Since that dream I have been thinking about it. If a person, who is a Christian in life, believes somewhere in their soul that they had done something for Satan, perhaps they become what we know as a malicious demon when they die and their soul leaves their body. The same would go for Muslims, Taoists, and all other religious beliefs.

       In a similar fashion, if the Christian believed they had done absolutely everything by the book, then they might become a saintly, protective spirit. Again, the same exact thing goes for every belief. I am just using the Christian faith as an example.

       Now, you are probably asking yourself, "Which type am I going to be when I die?" Don't think about it. Just let your life run its natural course. You most likely would not care what happens after you die, anyways, right? Or do you…