William Ferry

This two-part tale is pure non-sense like many ghostly legends, but fun nevertheless. The Blue Man legend, out of Grand Haven, Michigan, has been around for a few decades. The legend tells of a glowing blue figure that watches over the cemetery at night. The “blue man” is rumored to be the spirit of Reverend William M. Ferry, one of Grand Haven’s founding fathers.

The second part of the legend tells of the “stairway to hell” (cue the dramatic music here). In the middle of the cemetery rests an old, winding, uneven staircase leading up to a hill where Grand Haven’s founders and notables are buried. Naturally, it’s considered one of the spookiest parts of the cemetery given its secluded location and old, worn out tombstones scattered about the small plot of land. Of course, this is also where the “blue man” is said to perch himself at night near his tombstone.

There’s a lot more history behind this historic and awesome cemetery, and of course, you can read more about it in the book, Ghosts & Legends Of Michigan’s West Coast available on Michigan’s Otherside. Yeah, yeah…shameless plug. Go to the bookstore and get your signed copy today and help support Michigan authors.

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**All cemeteries should be entered with respect. Leave them like you found them. Don’t litter, don’t vandalize anything or so help me, 10,000 demons will strike you down. If the cemetery has hours posted, respect that or find out how to get permission to be in after hours. Many times a simple phone call to the right person will grant access into a cemetery after it’s closed. If you can’t get access, enjoy the cemetery during open hours. I am a firm believer that spirits don’t just come out at night. I think it’s just “ghost hunters” who only come out at night. Respect nearby private property and don’t trespass where you do not belong.