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Supernatural Legends & Lore of Michigan

Hatchet Man Road

The legend states: A fellow in the 80’s built a fallout shelter beneath his home for his family. Paranoia growing greater, he took his family down there to live. At some point he lost it and killed his entire family with a hatchet and thus the road got its nickname: Hatchet Man Road.

The Blue Man and the Stairway to Hell

The legend tells of a glowing blue figure that watches over the cemetery at night. The “blue man” is rumored to be the spirit of Reverend William M. Ferry, one of Grand Haven’s founding fathers.

The Urban Legend of Hell’s Bridge

Hell’s bridge is a popular urban legend around west Michigan and tells of the “demon possessed child killer”, Elias Friske. “Hell’s Bridge” is a small, not so special metal bridge found in Algoma Township, crossing the Rogue River.

The Ada Witch of Findlay Cemetery

The Ada Witch has been a popular legend in West Michigan for decades. For years, people have claimed to have witnessed a paranormal classic: “the lady in white.” She’s been seen wandering around the area of Findlay Cemetery and surrounding roads. But who is this mysterious “lady in white”?

The Melon Heads Legend of Michigan

The traditional story tells of a hospital in the area that was treating hydrocephalic children long ago. The hospital was forced to close, and the children had nowhere to go, so they were released into the wilds of Holland (scary…)

The Shoe Tree Legend of Michigan

The shoe tree story is pure legend at its finest because there’s nothing haunted about some old shoes in a tree. It’s a little creepy, but doesn’t automatically generate ghosts. But try telling that to someone who claims that their car wouldn’t start when they were near a shoe tree and other bizarre occurrences that are said to happen by these roadside oddities.

The Legends of Seven Gables Road

Supposedly, and according to existing stories, there used to be an old house at the end of Seven Gables Road, a road that dead ends off of E. Dexter trail in Dansville, Michigan, Ingham county.

The Legend of Morrow Road

The Legend of Morrow Road, one of Michigan’s oldest legends, spans back to the late 1800’s and is primarily about a ghost that haunts the road to this day, looking for her lost child.

The Witchy Wolves of Omer Plains

The Witchy Wolves is an old Chippewa legend that has been passed down for generations. According to legend, there is a spirit animal – half dog and half wolf – that protects the souls and the graves of Native American warriors. It will attack anyone that disturbs the final resting place of Chippewa warriors.

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