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Mysterious Michigan

Disturbing Creature Witnessed in Mona Shores

“We were walking along the shore of Lake Michigan in the Mona Shores area (this was back in 1989, I believe). It was about 11pm, and we were both stone cold sober. Something caught our eye near the tree line and we both stopped in our tracks as this creature emerged from the underbrush.”

Puttygut Bridge Mystery Light

The blurb said if you visit the bridge late at night and sit with your car shut off and windows rolled down, you’ll hear the ghostly sounds of the truck splashing into the water and the man will appear in front of your car. The original blurb also suggests to put your keys on top of your car, which I wouldn’t suggest doing unless you are looking for a car jacking or robbery to happen.

Our First UFO Sighting

We here at Michigan’s Otherside can honestly say we saw our first UFO as of November 28, 2008. Tom and I were standing outside on his deck when a light in the sky caught my attention through the trees. I watched it for a few seconds assuming it was an airplane, when it took a huge dive and did a few other strange things.

The Michigan Jersey Devil

“Some years ago in northern lower Michigan, I saw a strange creature fly over my car with wings that were bat like. You could see veins through them and everything.”

The Rainbow UFO

While these experiences have taken place for thousands of years, they have inexplicably begun to increase greatly over the past few, especially those sightings and experiences involving  sometimes a few and other times many witnesses.

The 1994 Michigan UFO Flap

Starting March 7, 1994, a UFO flap took Lake Michigan’s coast by storm. Every county along Lake Michigan’s shoreline had reports about UFOs flying in. Residents, including police officers, witnessed red, blue, green and white lights, occasionally attached to cylindrical objects in the sky, perform odd maneuvers at high speeds.

The Famous 1966 Michigan UFO Swamp Gas Case

March 14 started a week in Washtenaw County, Michigan that would bring it into the spotlight. UFOs were being spotted by very trustworthy policemen. Radars showed UFOs on their screens. Josef Allen Hynek was sent by the government to investigate. All this led up to one of the best known UFO cases in Michigan — the Swamp Gas Case.

The Mystical Keweenaw Vortex – Is it Real?

Prospector’s Paradise is a rock and mineral shop in a town that badly needs tourism to keep afloat. This large emporium of Earth’s treasures houses all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones for the collector. It’s also home to the mysterious “Keweenaw Vortex”, a place some feel is bursting with natural Earth energy, possibly because of underground rivers in the vicinity.

The Mysterious Paulding Light

Every night, strange circular lights of red, green and blue can be seen moving about. The Paulding Light is one of Michigan’s biggest mysteries and is a public spot for everyone to visit. Sometimes the lights seem to follow the power lines nearby. Since the lights were first seen, legends surround the lights.

The Michigan Stonehenge on Beaver Island?

Vikings, Phoenicians, Egyptians or the lost tribe of Israel in Michigan? What?! According to author Mark Jager and his Mystic Michigan series, Michigan may have had visits from these four cultures at some point in history. Jager wrote about a stone circle similar in nature to Stonehenge found on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island that could have been built by any of these ancient groups, who some theorize visited North American in the past.

Mishipeshu, the Guardian of the Sacred Copper

The ancient stories say it lives on Michipicoten Island on the Canadian side of cold Lake Superior and has the magical ability to cause nasty storms. It’s usually associated with more bad things in life than good, such as death and destruction, but as long as an offering was made to the creature, this could perhaps keep it calm if one had to travel by water.

Gravity Hills in Michigan

Gravity hills exist all over the United States and have fascinated people with their ability to seemingly bypass the laws of physics as we know them. When something as heavy as a car should be going downhill, it appears to move up hill at these mysterious parts of the planet. But are they really all that mysterious?

The Michigan Merman

On May 13, 1782, Vanant St. Germain, a Canadian fur trader, spotted what he believed to be an actual merman swimming in the cold, deep dark waters of Lake Superior. While making a stop at Pie Island in the northern part of the lake, St. Germain spotted the creature and described it as looking “child-like with brownish skin” and having “extremely brilliant eyes.”