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“ A stargate may be a place on Earth that is a shamanic-trance portal to other worlds where energy pulsing(ringing) from our star, from other stars or star systems is easily received.”
William Henry (American Rite -DVD)

 David Ovason stated, “A city that is laid out in such a way that is in harmony with the heavens is a city in perpetual prayer.  It is a city built on the recognition that every human activity is in need of sanctification of the spiritual world, of which the symbol is the light of the living stars.”

Could  Hart (heart) plaza be aligned to the stars, utilizing ancient Egyptian stargate technology?

Hart (Heart) Plaza diagram in downtown Detroit

Note the small pyramid structure to the lower, bottom right


The Giza Plateau, Egypt


Looking down on Hart Plaza.



Note the Egyptian Obelisk in the bottom right corner of the Hart Plaza picture in relation to the location of the Sphinx in the bottom picture.       


Belt of Orion, Courtesy of NASA


The UAW (Stargate) monument is built atop a green granite labyrinth. Buried under the monument is a time capsule to be opened in the future.




Large granite stones line the transformational walk of the labyrinth beneath the monument, as did they in ancient times.



               Egyptian styled obelisk spiraling towards the heavens. (DNA symbolism?)

Fountain Dedicated to Horace Dodge (Horus?)

The Dodge Fountain seemingly sits in relation to the middle pyramid in Giza. The fountain is dedicated to Horace Dodge, who just happened to be born in Niles Michigan. No joke.

Photo - Detroit News

Photo – Detroit News


Photo – Detroit News



Wood Lawn Cemetery – The Dodge mausoleum

Michigan/Egyptian Connection?

Could there really be a Michigan-Egyptian connection? There is a large number of ancient relics unearthed throughout Michigan describing just that! The Michigan Tablets. Although considered a hoax by mainstream archeology, in light of new evidence a re-examination of the Relics are in order.


Photo courtesy of Michigan Historical Museum

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