5/7/2017 at 9:40 p.m. – “I was outside with my eight year old son and I looked to the sky and saw a “V” shaped object fly overhead. It didn’t have sound and was very fast. It lasted six seconds or less, moving from west to east. I know what I saw was very real.”

2/14/2017 – Feb 14, 2017 about 7:25 p.m. – I was driving with my daughter and it was already dark out and partly cloudy. We were headed South on Clarkston Rd (right past Pine Knob Concert and Ski Center) in Clarkston, Michigan when we both saw an orange, huge, long, horizontal flash flit extremely fast partially through a cloud, going from east to west. My daughter said, “Oh my God! What was that?” and all I could think of was heat lightning, but it wasn’t because it was too quick for that. She agreed and said, “No it wasn’t that at all.” I thought maybe a meteor or shooting star, but it didn’t fit those characteristics either. I had to round a curve in the road and lost contact with the view but my daughter was still looking and then said, “Oh wow! Look at all those people!” which made no sense whatsoever. What people? We were mostly facing trees with houses way back behind them and it was dark out. There were no people.
I didn’t have the time or chance to ask, “What people?” because as I was thinking this, she blurted, “Oh my God it’s back!” I said, “Really?” and she said, “Yeah, except it beamed down from the sky above the same area where the first light was and then shut off like a light bulb would.” The whole thing was very odd. I didn’t think of what she said about the people because my focus was redirected on the second light.
I dropped her off, got back on the highway and looked in vain for another sign of these two lights.When I got home I called her so she could clarify the light I didn’t see, along with the people she saw. When I asked her what she meant about the “people,” she said she never said that. I kept telling her she did because I remembered it distinctly, and then she interrupted herself when she saw the second light, and then my attention refocused on the light. Which made the event even odder. I wonder if anyone else saw it…

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