Michigan Shadow Creatures

Consider for a moment that there are 6.5-8.5 feet tall creatures living in the Michigan wilderness. Would you want to see one? They stand upright but do not appear to be human. Their powerful upper body is covered in thick, black hair and they have a face more “ape-like” than human. When seen during the night, they stand incredibly still, dark as the woods around them, earning them the name the, “Shadow People,” by locals. The popular paranormal theory describes Shadow People as menacing, dark entities who are seen around haunted locations and cemeteries.

 But these “shadow people” were very much alive according to witness report #31302 on The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization database. The witness said they often felt watched by these creatures as if they were studying them and other humans in the area. They would often be standing in the shadows of their barn at night or near their root cellar.

Out for a walk after dark one evening, the witness said they had been chased by something 8 feet tall and running on two legs.

One has to hope the report, submitted in 2011, is factual and not a bogus story sent in by an  Internet troll, but there was something strange about this account. The witness stated these creatures were seen in 1979. Bone piles started to appear in the area. Small game numbers and fishing in the area decreased. There were even deer carcasses found stashed in tree branches as if these creatures were storing food. An unusually high amount of deer deaths were being attributed to “wild dogs,” but the witness reported they never saw evidence of wild dogs living in the woods.

The report stated the creatures were living in the Whitehall/Montague area in Muskegon County, along Lake Michigan. Odd vocalizations were heard in the woods along with bad scents — two things associated with Bigfoot sightings. The witness also felt there were not one, but two breeds of this creature living in the area. The other breed was shorter in the 5-foot range and not as aggressive. The witness felt it was more elusive and didn’t care to observe the humans as much as the taller beings.

Much of Michigan is still dense wilderness, especially in the central to northern parts of the state and into the Upper Peninsula. While Bigfoot/Sasquatch stories don’t often get taken seriously, I found this report fascinating. The witness stated, “The world is shrinking, so there will be more sightings and more confrontations.” It makes one wonder. As of this article publication, the DNR finally publicly recognized Cougars in the lower peninsula. Will Bigfoot be next?

More of the original report and details can be read here.

If you live in the White River Township area and have a report to share, click here.