Do you have something potentially paranormal happening in your home, business or around yourself? Not many people feel like opening up to just anyone. A lot of my emails begin with, “I’m not crazy! But this is what happened…” Paranormal activity can be whimsical at times or just plain frightening.

Since 2000, there’s been a surge of interest in the paranormal mainly because of TV shows. The surge created a new respect for paranormal investigation but with it also came thrill seekers pouring into the field at an astonishing rate. A lot of people became inspired by the TV shows to form their own paranormal teams to go in search of the supernatural. And while they pose as “serious scientific teams” inspired by TAPS and others, many of the teams listed here have been inspired by something more and have been researching the field for a very long time. I also know these teams or have met them in person and they are solid people.

This is a list of trusted teams who are active and take on home and business investigations or who will refer you to someone else if they cannot take your case.

G.R.A.S.P.P – Gathering Research & Stories of Paranormal Phenomena – West Michigan
Great Lakes Hauntings – SE Michigan
Grimstone Inc. (oldest paranormal team in Michigan) -SE Michigan
Metro Paranormal Investigations – SE Michigan
Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society

**Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization – Currently retired…for now. This was my team once upon a time in 2003. We pursued the unknown for a few years and I decided I’d rather research and write about paranormal topics because quite frankly, some of the people we were doing investigations for were scarier than the ghost stories they shared. Perhaps someday I’ll take up GLPR again and do something with it, but for now, it’s resting comfortably in Florida, enjoying retirement.

Amberrose Hammond, curator of Michigan’s