River-Raisin-Battlefield-HauntedCould this historic national battlefield in Monroe be haunted by the prisoners who were brutally slaughtered there? Some think so. During the war of 1812, 80 American prisoners who were wounded were taken by the British to Fort Malden. There were no guards to protect them but they were told that transportation would arrive the next morning to take them elsewhere. Little did they know it would be too late. On January 23, 1813, a band of Native Americans came in and brutally killed all of the prisoners. It’s been said that the River Raisin ran red with the victims blood that day. There’s a lot more history behind this story if you look it up but this is the condensed version for now.

The area where the massacre took place is now a small park and it’s been rumored that the place might be haunted due to the horrific event that happened so long ago. Many battlefields are known to be haunted. Gettysburg is the best example of haunted battlefields. People report seeing ghostly soldiers in action, hearing gunshots, horses, drum sounds, and much more at Gettysburg, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe the River Raisin area might have something similar going on.

Have you ghost hunted in this area or know of any paranormal tales told about the place? Have you had a strange experience in this location?