Photo by Amberrose Hammond

Forever searching for her lost love who was killed on the Great Lakes, Minnie Quay appears now and then, walking the shores of Lake Huron near Forester, Michigan, gazing longingly into the horizon, hoping a ship will appear but forever left heartbroken because it never does.

During the 1800’s, the tiny town of Forrester was busy with the lumber business. Minnie, who was fifteen at the time, fell in love with one of the sailors who came to port there. Her parents didn’t want their daughter running off with a sailor and the budding romance was forbidden by Minnie’s parents.

In 1876, a spring storm took down the boat Minnie’s lover worked on and he died. Torn with grief and the fact she didn’t get to say goodbye to him the last time she saw him, she jumped off the pier in Forrester and killed herself in the waters of Lake Huron.

People say they have seen the ghost of Minnie along the shores of Lake Huron. Some women have even claimed she has called to them from the water, trying to lure them to their death so they will suffer along with her in the cool waters of Lake Huron.

Michigan’s Otherside took a visit to the tiny town of Forrester in the fall of 2006 and stopped by the Forrester Cemetery to pay our respects to the grave of Minnie Quay. At some point, a newer, pink granite monument was erected for the family. Flowers, tokens, and pennies adorn the grave marker from others who know the legend and her tragic story. We stayed in a cottage on Lake Huron but alas, didn’t find much in the way of her ghost. If we ever visit again, hopefully, Minnie stops by to say hello but forgets to try and lure us to our deaths.

**All cemeteries should be entered with respect. Leave them like you found them. Don’t litter, don’t vandalize anything or so help me, 10,000 demons will strike you down. If the cemetery has hours posted, respect that or find out how to get permission to be in after hours. Many times a simple phone call to the right person will grant access into a cemetery after it’s closed. If you can’t get access, enjoy the cemetery during open hours. I am a firm believer that spirits don’t just come out at night. I think it’s just “ghost hunters” who only come out at night. Respect nearby private property and don’t trespass where you do not belong.