Knock_Knock_Road_MichiganYou’re driving down Strasburg Road in the Detroit/Grosse Isle area on a warm night. It’s two in the morning and the traffic light in front of you turns red. As you come to a stop, you notice there isn’t a soul around you on the streets. You glance to your left and see a small girl standing along the road. Worry sets in and a little bit of uneasiness as she stares at you. Something doesn’t feel right about her. Why is she alone? Why is she out this late?

The wait feels too long as you look back at the unblinking red eye of the traffic light. You’re suddenly startled by a “knock-knock” on your driver’s side window. The little girl is standing there, looking in at you with deep set, hollow eyes. She’s looking for the driver who killed her.
Welcome to Knock-Knock Road.

The above retelling of the Knock-Knock Road story is the typical tale circulating these days. Teens and thrill seekers have been driving down Strasburg Road for years hoping to have their car knocked on by the young child. In fact, the story itself has been around since the 1940’s. The legend says the little girl was killed on that road and she now haunts the road looking for the driver who killed her. I think I may have even heard the legend has been so popular over the years, cops have given the road extra attention, especially at Halloween. No story has ever surfaced to validate the death of the little girl, so for all it’s worth, it’s nothing more than another spooky, Michigan urban legend. But you might just want to find out for yourself…or not.