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The Famous 1966 Michigan UFO Swamp Gas Case

March 14 started a week in Washtenaw County, Michigan that would bring it into the spotlight. UFOs were being spotted by very trustworthy policemen. Radars showed UFOs on their screens. Josef Allen Hynek was sent by the government to investigate. All this led up to one of the best known UFO cases in Michigan — the Swamp Gas Case.

Thelma, The Ghost of The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

One of the stories our tour guides mentioned was about “Thelma Mertz,” a ghost that is said to lurk the halls of the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre at 329 S. Park Street. No one really knows when Thelma began her supernatural wanderings, but reports of her ghost have been made since at least the 1950s. Thelma’s true identity is a mystery, as is her real name.

Hatchet Man Road

The legend states: A fellow in the 80’s built a fallout shelter beneath his home for his family. Paranoia growing greater, he took his family down there to live. At some point he lost it and killed his entire family with a hatchet and thus the road got its nickname: Hatchet Man Road.

The Fenton Hotel

Haunted? Definitely. First, I want to recommend any desert on the menu from the Fenton Hotel restaurant. Second, while you’re eating your desert, you might feel like you are being envied by a presence you can’t see. That’s because the Fenton Hotel is most definitely haunted and Michigan’s Otherside has experienced it first hand.

Paranormal Investigation and the Scientific Method

How many times have you heard or seen on the internet some group claiming to be scientific?  Unfortunately television has taught many people to believe that a group is scientific just because they don’t use psychics, dowsing rods and the likes on their investigations.  I hate to be the one to break the news, but that does not make a group ‘scientific.’  I want to say upfront that our group does paranormal investigations as a hobby; we are not ‘professionals’ but we do conduct a scientific investigation.

Reynolds Cemetery and the Unsolved Crouch Murders

For decades, people have gathered every year on the night of November 21 at the Reynolds Cemetery in Jackson, Michigan, hoping to see the reunion of two lost souls. Gathering might not be as common as it once was in the past, as creepy neighbors with shot guns and the police are a few of the factors that keep the curious ghost hunters away from the cemetery these days. So be warned.

Haunted Howell and the History of the Old Hillcrest Sanatorium

Tuberculosis, also commonly called “consumption” and the “white plague” was a major and devastating illness at one time and still is in parts of the world. Millions of deaths were caused by tuberculosis during the 20th century in the United States. The disease was hard to control and deadly. Hospitals were specifically built to house those stricken with it such as the now paranormally famous, Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Michigan had its fair share of hospitals to deal with the sickness as well.

The Michigan Jersey Devil

“Some years ago in northern lower Michigan, I saw a strange creature fly over my car with wings that were bat like. You could see veins through them and everything.”

Do Children See Ghosts Better Than Adults?

Are children able to sense spirits more so than adults? The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is generally from 380/400nm to about 760nm. UV or IR differs only in that there are some specialized cells in the retinas of our eyes that contain a pigment that gets excited when it encounters these wavelengths.

Mishipeshu, the Guardian of the Sacred Copper

The ancient stories say it lives on Michipicoten Island on the Canadian side of cold Lake Superior and has the magical ability to cause nasty storms. It’s usually associated with more bad things in life than good, such as death and destruction, but as long as an offering was made to the creature, this could perhaps keep it calm if one had to travel by water.

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