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The Rise and Fall of the Paranormal Orb

Orbs. You know, those things that appear in everyone’s “paranormal” photos? I can’t count how many times someone has heard that I study the paranormal and then with excitement, asked me to look at a picture of their “orb.”

About Michigan’s Otherside

ABOUT MICHIGAN'S OTHERSIDE  Michigan's Otherside is a website focused on the strange and unusual in Michigan, from ghosts, legends and crytpid creatures to strange history and true crime.  Michigan's Otherside.com was created in 2005 by author and researcher Amberrose...

The Lost Griffon – First Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes

The ghost of The Griffon has haunted the northern waters of Lake Michigan since its disappearance in 1679. It was one of the first ships of its kind to sail the Great Lakes but her first voyage on August 7, 1679 was doomed to be her last.

Alexis St. Martin: The Man With A Hole In His Stomach

Alexis St. Martin lived one of the weirdest lives on record. Not only was he unfortunate enough to have part of his stomach blown off during an accidental shooting on Mackinac Island in 1822, he also spent the next ten years as guinea pig to a doctor who, among other things, dangled bits of food into St. Martin’s unhealed wound to study the effects of digestion, a process that wasn’t well understood at the time.

The Legends of Seven Gables Road

Supposedly, and according to existing stories, there used to be an old house at the end of Seven Gables Road, a road that dead ends off of E. Dexter trail in Dansville, Michigan, Ingham county.

“What the hell is that?”

We here at Michigan’s Otherside can honestly say we saw our first UFO as of November 28, 2008. Tom and I were standing outside on his deck when a light in the sky caught my attention through the trees. I watched it for a few seconds assuming it was an airplane, when it took a huge dive and did a few other strange things.

Does Bigfoot Live in Michigan?

Reports of the hairy, 7 to 9 foot ape-like creature are in no short supply in Michigan’s past or the entire United States and Canada for that matter.

What do those symbols on old tombstones mean?

Have you ever wondered what some of those strange symbols on old tombstones mean? This list represents some of the most common symbols found in many Michigan cemeteries.

Ghosts of the Kirby Grill

For years, rumors have been going around that the place is haunted, especially the second floor. One employee and friend I spoke with claimed he had seen a little kid running on the second floor after hours and heard his name spoken behind him, only to find no one there. Other employees have witnessed the same thing.

Do Children See Ghosts Better Than Adults?

Are children able to sense spirits more so than adults? The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is generally from 380/400nm to about 760nm. UV or IR differs only in that there are some specialized cells in the retinas of our eyes that contain a pigment that gets excited when it encounters these wavelengths.

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