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Haunts of Aquinas College

Haunted Schools. They seem to be common and why not? Think about how much energy is expended on a daily basis in a school. All of those kids, the drama, the hormones, the friendships, the breakups! It’s all in one building all the time. If we are to believe places that carry a lot of energy generally cater to the spirit world, then what better place than a school.

Haunted Howell and the History of the Old Hillcrest Sanatorium

Tuberculosis, also commonly called “consumption” and the “white plague” was a major and devastating illness at one time and still is in parts of the world. Millions of deaths were caused by tuberculosis during the 20th century in the United States. The disease was hard to control and deadly. Hospitals were specifically built to house those stricken with it such as the now paranormally famous, Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Michigan had its fair share of hospitals to deal with the sickness as well.

Michigan’s Bearded Lady – Grace Gilbert

One of the era’s most popular bearded ladies hailed from Michigan and is, in fact, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in the northern Michigan community of Leetsville. That woman is Grace Gilbert.

The Rise and Fall of the Paranormal Orb

Orbs. You know, those things that appear in everyone’s “paranormal” photos? I can’t count how many times someone has heard that I study the paranormal and then with excitement, asked me to look at a picture of their “orb.”

Do Children See Ghosts Better Than Adults?

Are children able to sense spirits more so than adults? The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is generally from 380/400nm to about 760nm. UV or IR differs only in that there are some specialized cells in the retinas of our eyes that contain a pigment that gets excited when it encounters these wavelengths.

Soop Cemetery

Soop Cemetery is one of the most misunderstood haunted cemeteries in Michigan. It is often associated with victim Jane Mixer, 23, of serial murderer, John Collins, being left on a grave in 1968. However, this did not occur at Soop. Jane, a law student of the University of Michigan, was left shot and strangled in a cemetery in Denton Township; not a cemetery on Old Denton Road.

The Saginaw Bay Water Monster

The lakes of Michigan are never short on fantastic stories about water monsters.

Reynolds Cemetery and the Unsolved Crouch Murders

For decades, people have gathered every year on the night of November 21 at the Reynolds Cemetery in Jackson, Michigan, hoping to see the reunion of two lost souls. Gathering might not be as common as it once was in the past, as creepy neighbors with shot guns and the police are a few of the factors that keep the curious ghost hunters away from the cemetery these days. So be warned.

Don’t Steal From the Dead – A Pere Cheney Cemetery Story

On Devils Night in 1985, a large amount of us from school went to visit Pere Cheney Cemetery with the intent of getting scared. I had heard tons of stories about the “ghost train”, the witch and a few other legends and never felt scared one bit…until later on.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Robison Family Murders

Drawn to the Robison home by a woman who lived near the family, and who called complaining about an ungodly smell, Bliss stepped up to the log-cabin-style residence. No one had seen the Robisons for several weeks, but family members had told acquaintances that they were planning a trip out of town, so their absences hadn’t alarmed anyone.

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