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The Haunted Felt Mansion

The mansion has been a lot of things since its beginning, and it’s not surprising to hear about a few ghosts roaming it’s spacious interior. Soon after the remodeling started, the paranormal activity began.

The Banker Who Became A Bank Robber

As William Treadwell sat behind his desk at People’s Bank in Hudson, a small community in southern Michigan’s Lenawee County, he mulled over the opportunity that presented itself. It was January 1864, and area governments were depositing huge amounts of money, the proceeds of year-end taxes their citizens had paid the previous month.

Puttygut Bridge Mystery Light

The blurb said if you visit the bridge late at night and sit with your car shut off and windows rolled down, you’ll hear the ghostly sounds of the truck splashing into the water and the man will appear in front of your car. The original blurb also suggests to put your keys on top of your car, which I wouldn’t suggest doing unless you are looking for a car jacking or robbery to happen.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Robison Family Murders

Drawn to the Robison home by a woman who lived near the family, and who called complaining about an ungodly smell, Bliss stepped up to the log-cabin-style residence. No one had seen the Robisons for several weeks, but family members had told acquaintances that they were planning a trip out of town, so their absences hadn’t alarmed anyone.

The Blue Man and the Stairway to Hell

The legend tells of a glowing blue figure that watches over the cemetery at night. The “blue man” is rumored to be the spirit of Reverend William M. Ferry, one of Grand Haven’s founding fathers.

The Witch Legend of Pere Cheney Cemetery

Pere Cheney, now just a lonely Michigan ghost town, was once a small but booming lumber town in Crawford County, west of Grayling.

The Legends of Seven Gables Road

Supposedly, and according to existing stories, there used to be an old house at the end of Seven Gables Road, a road that dead ends off of E. Dexter trail in Dansville, Michigan, Ingham county.

Do Children See Ghosts Better Than Adults?

Are children able to sense spirits more so than adults? The visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is generally from 380/400nm to about 760nm. UV or IR differs only in that there are some specialized cells in the retinas of our eyes that contain a pigment that gets excited when it encounters these wavelengths.

The Ghosts of Old Fort Wayne

The history of Fort Wayne is monumental. Everything you can think of happening during war and peace took place there. Lives were lived, lost, found, broken and made there. Death occurred, atrocities happened, just as there were also heroes and happiness at the fort. Military personnel, along with civilians worked and fell in love there. Prisoners were even kept there and many stayed on after being released. Fort Wayne lived — and then Fort Wayne started to die.

The Michigan Shadow Creatures

This chilling 1979 report about “shadow creatures” in White River Township makes one wonder if they are still out there silently watching.

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