Bowers Harbor Inn rests on Old Mission Peninsula in northern Michigan, just by Traverse City. The building consists of two restaurants: The Bowers Harbor Inn and The Bowery. Michigan’s Otherside visited Bowers Harbor Inn in 2006 and because we are poor (large cash donations are always welcome), we ate at the least expensive one, The Bowery. The food was excellent as was the service. The highlight of the evening was when I dropped a knife, bent down to pick it up as did the person next to me and our heads met and made a thwack that sounded like two planets colliding. One of those awkward silences filled the room for ten seconds because it was seriously “that” loud. Everyone started to chuckle and stare at us. We looked around the room and gave the thumbs up to show we were somewhat conscious and aware.
Sadly, the only spirits we ran into while visiting Bowers Harbor Inn was an excellent bottle of Pino Grigio made by Bowers Harbor Inn. After a bottle of that, we were well on our way to a good night.

A Mirror and the Ghost Who Appears In It

Just about every owner of this beautiful old home has reported paranormal occurrences. The sound of raps on walls, doors opening, and closing, lights going on and off by themselves and objects moving on their own are all commonplace in the Bowers Harbor Inn. It’s believed that one of the home’s first owners, lumber baron J. W. Stickney and his wife Genevive haunt their former home. Some have reported coming face to face with the ghostly figure of J.W. Stickney in the home’s elevator. Others have reported seeing Genevive in a mirror that belonged to her. Genevive was a larger woman and the mirror was specially designed to make her appear slimmer when she looked at her reflection.
According to The Bowers Inn website, the ghost story says Genevive hung herself in the elevator shaft. Her husband had been having an affair with Genevive’s nurse and when he died, left his money to the nurse and just the house to Genevive, which caused her severe depression.

Find out the truth behind the hauntings discovered by authors Kat and Bev of Haunted Travels of Michigan. Read the story in their book and learn about their investigation. The story can also be found in my book Ghosts & Legends of Michigan’s West Coast available here.