Tom Maat’s “blurry blue blob” photo of what we saw that night

Tom Maat’s “blurry blue blob” photo of what we saw that night. That’s about as good as it gets.

Well, we here at Michigan’s Otherside can honestly say we saw our first UFO as of November 28, 2008. Tom and I were standing outside on his deck when a light in the sky caught my attention through the trees. I watched it for a few seconds assuming it was an airplane when it took a huge dive and did a few other strange things.  My eyes were glued on it from that point on. I watched it for a few seconds longer and then told Tom to look up. He was just as perplexed as I was but slowly said, “That’s not an airplane…” There were no strobe lights on it or the standard colors that identify it as a regular plane. So what the hell were we looking at?

The object kept going back and forth in the sky, taking dramatic turns and dives and when it got closer to us, there appeared to be a red and blue light on it.

We dragged my boyfriend outside and made him look at it, creating a trio of completely befuddled humans watching something in the sky we had absolutely no explanation for. The light moved about for five more minutes until it disappeared. Tom dashed into the house and grabbed his camera and it came back again for about another five minutes. Tom didn’t get super great footage with it being very dark outside. Nevertheless, we do have a hilarious video of us and you can hear the excitement and bewilderment in our voices. After it blinked out of existence again, my boyfriend suggested we drive to the area it seemed to be flying over. I suggested that perhaps someone should stay home and watch from the deck, or keep the fort down in the case of an invasion. My suggestions went unheard and they dragged me with them.

 We drove over to the Holiday Inn in Spring Lake, Michigan. I wildly texted on my cell phone to all my friends that we were chasing a UFO “for real.” I figured that wasn’t a text everyone got daily. We pulled up to the hotel, half expecting to see others looking up at the sky, but there wasn’t a single human being out there. We got out of the car and looked up at the clear sky, but never saw anything again. We still can’t believe we haven’t run into others who saw that…or

I can now say I have a new found appreciation for UFO people, blurry photos of light and anyone who has ever seen something they couldn’t explain in the sky. Telling people about our UFO experience wasn’t the same as talking about an encounter with something “ghostly.” Everyone loves hearing about jaunts into the spirit world, but when I tell them about a UFO sighting, they give me a look that says, “Lay off the paranormal…”


October 2012 – Hi, I know my story is not going to be all that exciting compared to others I have read here. However, I will never forget my step-dad telling me that when he was a teenager – probably late 60’s, he was walking alone on the shore of Lake Michigan. He said a small green light that flew down right in front of his face and hovered there for a few seconds then it shot off at a tremendous speed into the sky. I always remembered that story and as I was reading many of these accounts they sounded similar.


October 2011 – I saw the same thing that these guys are describing in the November 2008 UFO sighting but it’s 2011 now and I have seen it twice. There is definitely something going on and it raised the hair on my neck both times I’ve seen it.


August 2010 – For the past 4 years or so I have seen what you described in your UFO sighting. At first, I thought it was a satellite or something like that, but the more I watched it, the more unlikely that seemed. A few nights ago I used a pair of binoculars to look at it and it looks exactly like the picture you have. It also has blue, red, and green flashing lights. Last night my friend and I were watching it to the west of my house and all of a sudden it disappeared so we started to walk away. For some reason, I looked up as we were walking away and there it was. It was now northeast of my house and then slowly started moving east. I just thought I’d let you know that you’re not the only one who has seen this, and even now as I’m typing this I can see it…P.S. this is in SW Michigan in the Berrien County area.